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Hi there!!

So basically, you can add an image on the right hand side of the page, of the card in question, and then you leave your comments about the strategy on the left hand side.


Images really have to be good quality in order to give the viewer a good viewing experience.

The images could include a screenshot of a strategy/combo from or images of the cards used in the strategy.

You can acquire the images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki as long as they are used responsibly.

If you have any questions about this, please ask Spongebob456.


These comments can be anything you want!! You just say what you like about the strategy, perhaps how it fairs against certain decks. You should add the stages of the combo listing the cards required and in what order they should be played in.

Even if your strategy isn't very good in terms of power, you may want to describe how fun it is to use and so on.

Keep the comments clean with no profanity please

Note: Don't forget to head your comment(s) with a link to your username as it shows you made the comment, and it allows someone else to make a comment on the same strategy below yours.

As shown in the example below:

User:''Post your username here''Edit

I like this strategy because...

''User:Somebody else posts their username here''Edit

I like this strategy because...

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