See also, Ojama Blue

Number of Members 5
Number of Support Cards ?


I think Ojamas are very unique as they have 0 attack points but they can win duels very quickly and very easily.

"Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" enables you to obliterate all cards on your opponent's side of the field. Not to mention "Ojama Red" enables you to summon the 3 Ojamas required for Hurricane with ease.

The Ojamas archetype also enables to you to gain hand control 24/7. "Ojama Blue" enables you to add 2 Ojamas cards (including the Ojama spells and traps), and Ojamagic enables you to add Ojama Yellow, Green and Black when it is sent to the graveyard. So you can discard it (using the effect of "Ojama Country" ), resurrect "Ojama Blue" for example and then add the 3 Ojamas!! If you have "Ojama Red" in your hand, you can special summon all 3 Ojamas and have 5 Ojamas on the field!! A well timed Hurricane can result in you inflicting 5000 points of damage to your opponent; a 2 turn kill.