Mirror force
Mirror Force
Spell or Trap Card Trap Card
Type Normal
Effect When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.


Beside "Dark Hole" or "Trap Hole", "Mirror Force" is the best choice for you when your opponent is having more advantages!

Like a mirror, it can reflect the attack of a monster and also destroy all other monsters in Attack Position on the opponent's field, with no cost else.

You can use "Final Attack Orders" or "Battle Mania" before using "Mirror Force" to destroy all of your opponent's monsters, but "Magic Cylinder" is the best way. However, "Forbidden Lance" can negate its effect.

I have ever been in this case: When my opponent was controlling 5 Attack Monsters and I had no monsters on the field. With a strong army, he could easily end this duel in this turn. But when his first monster attacked, I used "Mirror Force" and all his monsters went to the Graveyard. Next turn, I summoned a monster and declared a direct attack. What a lovely card!

This card can be used in any Deck. People are very afraid of having this card on their opponent's field. If you have luck, you will draw this card in the right time!