Chain Energy
Chain Energy
Spell or Trap Card Spell Card
Type Continuous
Effect Each player must pay 500 Life Points per card to Normal Summon, Special Summon, Set or activate cards from his/her respective hand.


About the CardEdit

This card is mainly designed for stall decks. Forcing your opponent to pay Life Points just to use a card in their hand. The only down side is, you have to pay as well.


You could try and use Spining and Bouncing effects to make your opponent pay more points. A Chain Energy deck mainly focuses on forcing your opponent to pay as many life points as you can make them to. The more you have, the more points you both pay. So I couldn't resist having 3 in my stall deck! Add cards to your deck like Toll and Solemn Wishes to stop your opponent attacking and to let you use more cards.


  • You cannot avoid paying life points with cards like Spell Economics.

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