Want to help out?


If you are 'bored' or just generally want to help out, here are some pages and adjustments which are needed to make this Wiki more solid and nicer to look at:

  • Add your own favourite Cards, Archetypes, Strategies, Decks etc. Even your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! series from the original series, all the way up to Zexal!!
  • Edit grammatical errors to make the Wiki nicer to read (don't be a 'Grammar Nazi' though and correct mistakes too much!!)
  • Publicise this Wiki (Without spamming it anywhere)
  • Generally helping out by making the Wiki look more professional (e.g. Adding special codes which enhance format features etc)
  • Edit the home page to make that look more professional (Consult with me first though please)

If you think anything else needs doing, feel through to ask me on my talk page and I will consider adding it to this list.

Thank You